EmmaLaZeinaEmma La Zeina majored in Interior Design and minored in Graphic Design, both enabling her to explore her creative nature. Her college years were also a florid expression of her love for theatre, during which she participated in various college plays and took on several major acting roles for which she gained acclaimed success among her generation. After graduating, Emma La Zeina, then only 21, moved to Dubai, where she started teaching Arabic as a second language to adults and children from all over the globe. Her career then took off in production where she worked in the creative department of an advertising agency. After the onset of a long career in producing television commercials, Emma La Zeina then moved on to join a production house where advertising agencies looking to produce became her clients. Her journey involved working on television ads, events, and documentary features with international directors, producers and musicians.
Today, Emma La Zeina is based in New York where she engages in various production activities. Driven by her lifelong passion for creativity as a student, mother and professional coupled with her mixture of talents in copyrighting, sketching, crafting and producing, Emma La Zeina felt the need to share with the world the culmination of all her acquired skills by creating Lissani.


Meya bio pic (2)Meya Ibrahim Abed was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut. She started out her career at Middle East Capital Group, a leading investment company in Lebanon then moved to New York City where she worked for big financial institutions, including HSBC and Moody’s Investors Services.   Meya is the mother of a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy, both born and raised in New York. Meya finds it important to instill the Arabic culture in her children, but faces the challenge of doing so where resources and exposure to Arabic are not widely available. Through motherhood, however, she learned how to be creative to achieve her objective and discovered a hidden skill for storytelling that has worked so well to teach her kids, and now many others through Lissani, about the Arabic language and culture.