The ‘Lila and Tamer’ series of ‘Bayt Arab’ are interactive storybook apps told in an everyday spoken Arabic narrative designed for children between the ages of 3 and 8. Parents will find the ‘Lila and Tamer’ series ideal to keep their little ones exposed to everyday life situations related to their mother tongue, Arabic, in a fun and educational contemporary family setting.

‘Arabi Wayn Ma Kaan’ is the inaugural story of the ‘Lila and Tamer’ book app series. The story sends a subtle message to children about the importance of speaking Arabic and how useful it can be no matter where they live. Each page has interactive animations, some of which serve to familiarize children with letters and words in a fun and graphic manner.

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Lila and Tamer’s visit to the bookstore at the mall turned into a pleasant adventure; they did not expect that speaking Arabic would make them little heroes by the end of the day!