The idea behind Lissani (meaning ‘my tongue’ in Arabic) started when Meya was looking for books to read for her children in Arabic. She wanted stories written in a spoken narrative that her kids would understand and were used to hearing at home. In her search for recommendations, she approached her friend Emma la Zeina, who had taught spoken Arabic as a second language.

Knowing it would be a challenge to find what they were looking for, the two friends decided to put their heads together and craft storybook apps that would cater to this much needed demand. Meya would bring stories and everyday themes she encountered with her children and together with Emma La Zeina and her expertise, they would create and produce them into book apps for iPad and iPhone mobile devices. Shortly after, the ‘Bayt Arab’ series were born, providing parents with entertaining storybooks in everyday spoken Arabic that their children can engage in.

The series are designed to educate children about their Arab traditions and the value of their language, to keep them connected with their culture.